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Agricultural Literacy
A definition and the concepts of agricultural literacy: a national study.
Martin Frick

Rural and inner city high school student knowledge and perception of agriculture.
Martin Frick, Robert Birkenholz, Harrison Gardener, Krissanna Machtmes

Pilot study of agricultural literacy. Final report.
Meischen, D. L., & Trexler, C. J.
Journal of Agricultural Education, 44(1), 43-55. doi: 10.5032/jae.2003.01043

Rural elementary students’ understandings of science and agricultural education benchmarks related to meat and livestock
Meischen, D. L., & Trexler, C. J.
Journal of Agricultural Education, 44(1), 43-55. doi: 10.5032/jae.2003.01043

Agricultural literacy: Clarifying a vision for practical application
Powell, D., Agnew, D., & Trexler, C.
Journal of Agricultural Education, 49(1), 85-98. doi: 10.5032/jae.2008.01085

Food Literacy
Defining food literacy and its components.
Helen Vigden, Danielle Gallegos

Eating the world: food literacy and its place in secondary school classrooms.
Erin Stinson

Food education as food literacy: privatized and gendered food knowledge in contemporary Japan.
Aya Kimura

Insight from the public on home economics and formal food literacy
Donna Pendergast, Susanne Garvis, Harry Kanasa

Food Literacy Partners Program: a strategy to increase community food literacy
Kathryn Kolasa et al.

Agrifood Literacy
Elementary and middle school teacher ideas about the agrifood system and their evaluation of agrisystem stakeholders’ suggestions for education
Cary Trexler, Thomas Johnson, Kirk Heinze

A qualitative study of agricultural literacy in urban youth: understanding for democratic participation in renewing the agrifood system
Alexander Hess, Cary Trexler

A qualitative study of agriculture literacy in urban youth: what do elementary students understand about the agrifood system?
Alexander Hess, Cary Trexler

School Gardens
Can a hands on teaching tool affect students' attitudes and behaviors regarding fruit and vegetables?
Sarah Lineberger, Jayne Zajicek

The effects of school gardens on students and schools: conceptualization and considerations for maximizing healthy development
Emily Ozer

School gardens: an experiential learning approach for a nutrition education program to increase fruit and vegetable knowledge preference and consumption among second grade students
Sonya Parmer, Jill Salisbury-Glennon, David Shannon, Barbara Struempler

Multicultural school gardens: creating engaging garden spaces in learning about language, culture, and environment
Amy Cutter-MacKenzie

Impact of garden-based learning on academic outcomes in schools: Synthesis of research between 1990-2010
Williams, D. R., & Dixon, P. S. (2013)
Review of Educational Research, 83, 211-235. doi: 10.3102/0034654313475824

Natural Resources Literacy
A review of tools for incorporating community knowledge, preferences, and values into decision making in natural resources management
Timothy Lynam, Wil de Jong, Douglas Sheil, T. Kusumanto, Kirsten Evans

Reconciling agricultural productivity and environmental integrity: a grand challenge for agriculture
Phillip Robertson, Scott Swinton

Environmental and agricultural literacy education
D. Hubert, A. Frank, C. Igo

Hands on activities and challenge tests in agricultural and environmental education
D. D. Poudel, L. M. Vincent, C. Anzalone, J. Huner, D. Wollard, T. Clement, A. DeRamus & G. Blakewood

STEM Literacy
Learning for STEM literacy: STEM literacy for learning
Alan Zollman

STEM, STEM education, STEMmania
Mark Sanders

What is STEM? A discussion about conceptions of STEM in education and partnerships
Jonathan Breiner, Shelly Sheats-Harkness, Carla Johnson, Catherine Koehler

Effects of integrative approaches among science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects on student’s learning: a preliminary meta-analysis
Kurt Becker, Kyungsuk Park

Agricultural Careers
Employers perceptions of recent agricultural communications graduates’ workplace habits and communication skills
Erica Irlbeck, Cindy Akers

What a degree in agricultural leadership really means: exploring student conceptualization
Lori Moore, Summer Odom, Kari Moore

Employer perceptions of the preparation of agricultural and extension education graduates
Donna Graham

Animals and Plants in the Classroom
Using interactions between children and companion animals to build skills in self-regulation and emotion regulation
Boyer, W.
In M. R. Jalongo (Ed.), Teaching compassion: Humane education in early childhood (pp. 33-47). New York: Springer.

Animals in the classroom
Gee, N. R.
In P. McCradle, S. McCune, J. A. Griffin, L. Esposito, & L. S. Freund (Eds.), Animals in our lives: Human-animal interaction in family, community, and therapeutic settings (pp. 117-141). Baltimore, MD: Paul. H. Brooks.

The challenge to care in schools: An alternative approach to education
Noddings, N.
New York: Teacher College Press.

Critical Pedagogy in the Classroom
Education for Critical Consciousness
Freire, P.
New York: Seabury Press.

The AgroEcological-Educator: Food-based community development
Wight, R. A.
Community Development Journal, 49(2), 198-213.

Reclaiming the rural: Essays on literacy, rhetoric, and pedagogy (pp. 34-51)
Brewster, C.
Carbondale, IL: South Illinois University Press

Food Justice
Learning to see food justice
Dixon, B.
Agriculture and Human Values, 31, 175-184. doi: 10.1007/s10460-013-9465-3

Whose right to (farm) the city? Race and food justice activism in post-Katrina New Orleans
Passidomo, C.
Agriculture and Human Values, 31, 385-396. doi: 10.1007/s10460-014-9490-x

Food system literacy
Widener, P., & Karides, M.
Food Culture & Society, 17(4), 665-687. doi: 10.2752/175174444X4400067-4610916

EcoJustice or EcoPedagogy
The culture of denial: Why the environmental movement needs a strategy for reforming universities and public schools
Bowers, C. A.
Albany, NY: State University of New York Press.

Educating for eco-justice and community
Bowers, C. A.
Athens, GA: University of Georgia Press.

EcoJustice education: Toward diverse, democratic, and sustainable communities
Martusewic, R. A., Edmundson, J., & Lupinacci, J.
New York: Routledge.

Critical pedagogy, ecoliteracy, & planetary crisis: The ecopedagogy movement
Kahn, R.
New York: Peter Lang Publishing.